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CoSADIE Astronomical Data Center Forum 2013

Heidelberg, Germany, June, 10 + 11, 2013

Important dates

  • First announcement : February 28, 2013
  • Registration open until: May 31, 2013
  • Astronomical Data Center Forum: June, 10 + 11, 2013


Purpose & Goals

The CoSADIE project is organising the European Data Centre Forum at the Zentrum für Astronomie der Universität Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Germany.

Technologies and software developed within the Virtual Observatory (VO) can help data center operators in many ways -- from reusing server-side software to providing ready-made client software for their users' desktops, from help in properly and interoperably describing their data holdings to discoverability of their offerings in the central registry.

The CoSADIE data center forum will bring together VO engineers and data providers to foster an interchange of ideas and requirements. Data providers are cordially invited to give talks on their perspective, while VO staff will introduce key technologies and software to make data publishing in astronomy easier, more effective, more sustainable and more user-friendly.

Call for papers

We invite contributions from data providers detailing the kind of data they publish or plan to publish and the particular problems they are facing, as well as their experiences when adopting VO standards. We also invite contributions by VO experts that could explain their work to end users on the server side.

We are open as to format and size of your contribution. Please talk to us, and we will see what we can accomodate.

Financial Support

Some travel support is available for this workshop. For details, please contact Gabriel Stoeckle (gst at ari.uni-heidelberg.de).

Scientific and Technical Organizing Committee

  • Mark Allen, CDS, Strassbourg, France
  • Christophe Arviset, ESAC, Madrid, Spain
  • Markus Demleitner, GAVO, Heidelberg, Germany
  • Marco Molinaro, INAF-OATs, Trieste, Italy
  • Enrique Solano, ESAC, Madrid, Spain
  • Joachim Wambsganss, GAVO, Heidelberg, Germany
  • Keith Noddle, WFAU, Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Mark Holliman, WFAU, Edinburgh, Scotland

Local Organizing Committee

  • Gabriel Stoeckle
  • Janine Fohlmeister


For any further information about the Data Center Forum, contact us at (dcforum2013@g-vo.org)

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