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IVOA Tutorial at ADASS 2018

Today, IVOA interoperability standards like Simple Cone Search (SCS), Simple Image Access (SIAP) and TAP/ADQL are used by many astronomers. Most recent surveys like Gaia are making use of these standards for publishing their data, future surveys like LSST or SKA plan to do so. Though accessing data of a single service makes a good bunch of VO use cases so far, familiarity with VO standards opens the possibility to combine and crossmatch the data of several surveys and service within a few steps: knowing how to access one service means knowing how to access all of them. The following tutorial introduces into the usage of some of these standards and how one can remotely crossmatch between different services and survey. As example we chose the use case of identifying brown dwarves in 2MASS and SDSS.

As prerequisites you will need:

The tutorial will be presented by Dave Morris (University of Edinburgh) and Hendrik Heinl (ARI / GAVO)


If you run into any problems whilst installing the software, or have questions and suggestions, please send contact Hendrik Heinl (GAVO/ARI)