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AG Meetings

GAVO is also present at all meetings of the Astronomische Gesellschaft (AG); with a booth informing the participants about the VO in general and GAVO's work in particular. Since the 2008 joint AG-JENAM meeting we regularly organize splinter meetings on topics related to the Virtual Observatory and e-science. If you need support regarding research or publishing data in the VO feel free to contact us and we can arrange for an informal get-together.

Previous AG Meetings

Bochum 2016

In Bochum, we had a splinter meeting over four slots (Program). Of course, we had a puzzler again, and we gave hints on how to solve it during the coffee breaks on Wednesday and Thursday; you will find them at the top of our solution .

Kiel 2015

At the AG Meeting in Kiel we had a splinter meeting with several talks covering the range of e-science in astronomy (Program).

2015's puzzler was about getting a cosy blanket which went to a smart winner from Potsdam. In case you get stuck with this one (people reported it to be rather tought), here are three of our solutions.

We offered a VO-tool tutorial session to introduce use VO tool use cases to the community.

Bamberg 2014

Splinter meeting: Program and Slides

In Bamberg, our booth was a bit off the beaten track, but we had ample space for our tutorials:

A new feature of our AG contribution was the puzzler. Participants entered a raffle for a real astronomy pillow. Here's the lucky winner as she receives the prize:

In case you tried your hand on the puzzler, here are our proposed solutions.

In Bamberg we also had a splinter meeting again, with a program ranging from handling ancient photo plates to modern software tools to tomorrow's data analysis techniques: Program.

Tübingen 2013

VO Tutorials and Splinter meeting: Program

Hamburg 2012

Splinter meeting: Program

At our booth we handed out ADQLReference cards, all fancy and laminated. This is what our booth looked like:

Heidelberg 2011

Splinter meeting: Call for Papers, Program with slides

In Heidelberg, we also offered short courses on various VO techniques: Website for the short courses

Our booth: (it seems we completely forgot about documenting our presence).

Bonn 2010

Splinter meeting: Call for Papers, Program. Some of the talks' slides can be found on Documents page.

Our booth in Bonn:

Potsdam 2009

In Potsdam, Alex Szalay gave a VO-oriented plenary talk arguing on "Science with Petabytes".

Potsdam was the first AG conference sporting a splinter meeting on the VO and e-science: Call for Papers, Program with abstracts. Some of the talks' slides can be found on Documents page.

Our booth in Potsdam:

Vienna 2008 (with JENAM)

At JENAM 2008, we shared a booth with the EuroVO, and we had a special trick to distribute our flyers:

Würzburg 2007

This was the first AG meeting with a GAVO contribution. In Würzburg, we only had a booth: